Biz Interlude

By Screwball

Biz Interlude


Are you ready (yeah yeah)
Are you ready for this (uh huh)

Yo, yo, yo, yo
While i was creepin, you & him was sleepin up in my bed
'til i caught you red handed, cocked back the lead
And let'choo have it, gave you a life, livin lavish
Took your hand in marriage, have me spend up all my cabbage
On your trick ass, ??? & mister kick ass
Lettin is blast, your blood splattered over the brass
Ran & threw up, can't believe i bucked you up
Coulda thrown money out & just fucked you up
And threw your clothes out, put'choo in the yo', ?chap your nose out?
You had to fuck a bug like that, with all these hoes out
But i was wide oped off you
Whoever thought i'd be fabricatin lies to get up out the precinct
Kickin my g, hopin police believe me
Now i'm standin in a puddle of shit like knee deep
My aliby tight, they even called my hoe
Yo, we was layed up, case closed, drug related, let me go

Hook: screwball

What would you do? if you was meee'eee
Would you wash that sheet, turn & just walk away, now
What would you do? if you was meee'eee
Or would you pull that triggercall it anotha day, now
Eat that shit nigga...

"yo man, r&b sucks"--chris rock

"this ain't a love song bitch"

Photo: Screwball