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The last name Constantine has 11 characters and is very popular in English speaking countries.


Vowels 4
Consonants 7
Letters in the alphabet 11

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Some artists

Common Rotation, Constantines, Mountain, Konstantin Wecker, Lost Valentinos, Connie, Instant Wilkie, Instant Funk, Coltrane Motion, Constance Demby, Jonathan Martin, Lovestation, T-Connection, Cotti, Vorstadtkinder, Konstantina, Instant Zen, Constar, Contone, Konstantion, Konstantin Gropper,

Some actors in the world

Cezar Constantine, Charles Constantine, Charo Constantini, Cid Constantino, Cindy Constantin, Connie, Constance, Constance Aire, Constance Anne, Constance Binney, Constance Cote, Constance Dane, Constance Finkel, Constance Kane, Constance Lane, Constance Ming, Constance Stanley, Constance Stride, Constancio Gan, Constant Amer, Constant Anee, Constant Franke, Constant Guerrier, Constant Paisant, Constant Papineau, Constant Reix, Constanta Perin, Constanti Canal, Constantijn Jonas, Constantin, Constantin Acatrinei, Constantin Albu, Constantin Alexandru, Constantin Andrieu, Constantin Anghel, Constantin Axelsson, Constantin Babar, Constantin Balsan, Constantin Baltaretu, Constantin Bellu, Constantin Bogdan, Constantin Bojog, Constantin Brandt, Constantin Brezeanu, Constantin Briest, Constantin Brînzea, Constantin Calin, Constantin Cantea, Constantin Cazacu, Constantin Chelba, Constantin Cicort, Constantin Codarcea, Constantin Codrescu, Constantin Cooper, Constantin de Tugny, Constantin Delica, Constantin Demy, Constantin Dinescu, Constantin Dinulescu, Constantin Diplan, Constantin Dita, Constantin Dutu, Constantin Fischer, Constantin Florea, Constantin Florescu, Constantin Gabor, Constantin Galca, Constantin Ghenescu, Constantin Gurita, Constantin Hangiu, Constantin Heller, Constantin Huber, Constantin Hühn, Constantin Jelenski, Constantin Jupp, Constantin Kilian, Constantin Laras, Constantin Leu, Constantin Lorenz, Constantin Luger, Constantin Lungeanu, Constantin Lupescu, Constantin Lücke, Constantin Maru, Constantin Melnik, Constantin Molcean, Constantin Musetescu, Constantin Müller, Constantin Nanciu, Constantin Nedelcu, Constantin Negulescu, Constantin Nepo, Constantin Nicolae, Constantin Nicoletto, Constantin Niculescu, Constantin Olteanu, Constantin Oprea, Constantin Oprica, Constantin Paizan, Constantin Panton, Constantin Pappaf, Constantin Pappas, Constantin Pauli, Constantin Paun, Constantin Pertzoff, Constantin Petcu, Constantin Petre, Constantin Petrescu, Constantin Popa, Constantin Posa, Constantin Poselski, Constantin Praida, Constantin Pîrvu, Constantin Radulescu, Constantin Riess, Constantin Rotaru, Constantin Sandu, Constantin Sasareanu, Constantin Sassu, Constantin Scheidges, Constantin Selaru, Constantin Sincu, Constantin Siroesco, Constantin Stanescu, Constantin Stelian, Constantin Stoian, Constantin Stoica, Constantin Stroe, Constantin Tanase, Constantin Tapirdea, Constantin Toma, Constantin Totoescu, Constantin Trettler, Constantin Tripes, Constantin Tudorel, Constantin Urschi, Constantin Urziceanu, Constantin Vaeni, Constantin Van Goey, Constantin Vasilescu, Constantin Vinca, Constantin von Seld, Constantin Vonmetz, Constantin Vurtejan, Constantin Weitz, Constantin Zarnescu, Constantin Zecheru, Constantina, Constantina Belen, Constantina Belins, Constantina Petkova, Constantina Rhodes, Constantina Siati, Constantine Abramson, Constantine Aimes, Constantine Angelos, Constantine Attia, Constantine Baksheef, Constantine Binda, Constantine Copulos, Constantine Cosmas, Constantine Darras, Constantine Diomonde, Constantine Elias, Constantine Goltsev, Constantine Gregory, Constantine Grigore, Constantine J. Lemos, Constantine Kaldis, Constantine Katsaras, Constantine Kyriakou, Constantine Lyras, Constantine Makris, Constantine Manos, Constantine Maroulis, Constantine Medes, Constantine Nikos, Constantine Pangalos, Constantine Pappas, Constantine Polites, Constantine Romanoff, Constantine Roukin, Constantine Rousouli, Constantine Salavas, Constantine Samson, Constantine Scopas, Constantine Setes, Constantine Sokoloff, Constantine Souris, Constantine Taylor, Constantine Tzortzis, Constantine Valhouli, Constantine Varazo, Constantine Vardalos, Constantine Yranski, Constantines, Constantino, Constantino Barile, Constantino Basile, Constantino Botez, Constantino Caso, Constantino Centroni, Constantino Cosma, Constantino De Luca, Constantino Dirksen, Constantino Ferrer, Constantino Gonzales, Constantino Lluch, Constantino López, Constantino Mateus, Constantino Pardo, Constantino Renedo, Constantino Rios, Constantino Romero, Constantinovsky, Constanza Giner, Constanza Mier, Constanze, Constanze Linden, Constanze Lindner, Constintina Belen, Cornel Constantin, Cosma Constantin, Costa Ronin, Costantino Meloni, Costatino, Costea Constantin, Costel Constantin, Costin,

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