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The last name Dieterich has 9 characters and is very popular in English speaking countries.


Vowels 4
Consonants 5
Letters in the alphabet 9

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Some artists

Metric, Marlene Dietrich, Deer Tick, Deer, Dieter Nuhr, PeterLicht, Die Sterne, Diesler, Determine, Kiprich, Diefenbach, Diemonsterdie, Generic, Jericho, Dioptrics, Peter Richard, Dieter Moebius, DJ Generic,

Some actors in the world

Dan Dietrich, Dawn Dietrich, Dena Dietrich, Deric, Dick Detrich, Diederik, Dieter, Dieter Achtel, Dieter Ahlich, Dieter Aurich, Dieter Bach, Dieter Bichl, Dieter Busch, Dieter Dicken, Dieter Esche, Dieter Fischer, Dieter Friedrich, Dieter Fritsch, Dieter Fuchs, Dieter Fuhrich, Dieter Hanitzsch, Dieter Henrichs, Dieter Hesch, Dieter Kieltsch, Dieter Lersch, Dieter Lutsch, Dieter Nickel, Dieter Pusch, Dieter Reith, Dieter Resch, Dieter Richter, Dieter Riechmann, Dieter Rucht, Dieter Schaad, Dieter Schaak, Dieter Schei, Dieter Scheil, Dieter Schell, Dieter Schmid, Dieter Schulz, Dieter Schön, Dieter Specht, Dieter Walch, Dieter Wendrich, Dieter Wirth, Dieterich Gray, Dietrich, Dietrich Adam, Dietrich Dahl, Dietrich Hahn, Dietrich Koch, Dietrich Paul, Dieutinh, Dimetrio, Dirk Dietrich, District, Ditch,

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