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The last name Lines has 5 characters and is very popular in English speaking countries.


Vowels 2
Consonants 3
Letters in the alphabet 5

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Some artists

Live, Lonestar, Skinless, Spinners, 50 Lions, Caifanes, Lusine, Linea 77, Lenine, Pinchers, Life, Sub Line, Lens, Pioneers, Leigh Jones, LaLaine, Luke Haines, Linus Loves, Loudness, Link, Aaron Lines, Tanlines, Linear, Singles, Sinestet, Likewise, Lino Borges, Wine, Liz Menezes, Svinkels, Los Titanes, Los Papines, Lifante, Linda Jones, Lichens, Kinesis, Dominoes, Los Limones, Line 47, Luminus, Line Noise, Les gamines, Sinestro, N-Liners,

Some actors in the world

Ladies, Lainey, Lainie, Lee Jines, Lee Mines, Lee Vines, Lenine, Les, Li Jones, Liane, Lien Maes, Liene, Lin, Lin Ge, Lin He, Lina Reis, Linas, Linden, Line, Line Husa, Linet, Linete, Liniers, Links, Linnea, Linsue, Linus, Lionel, Lioness, Lions, Lis, Lisa Enes, Liz Jones, Luminites,

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